1881 Census Forest Lodge Noble Emily C.               Head        Married        F         1834              Wife of Capt. Noble                 Ceylon. 1891 Census Forest Lodge Noble William                 Head       Married         M       1829               J.P. for Sussex Retired             London Noble Emily C.                Wife        Married         F        1834                                                                  Ceylon. Noble Agnes                  Daughter   Widow           F        1863                Living on own Means              India                                          in law Noble Florence C.F.     Granddaughter                 F        1886                                                                   India Noble Mabel A.                      “                                F        1887                                                                   India 1901 Census Forest Lodge Noble William                  Head           Married      M         1829              Living on own Means                London Noble Agnes                  Daughter        Widow        F          1863                              “                                   India                                          in law Noble Florence C. H.    Granddaughter                 F         1886                                                                       “ Noble Mabel A.I.                     “                               F         1887                                                                       “ At the time of the 1881 Census Captain Noble was a visitor at 6, Regent’s Park, London.                                                                         Servants at Forest Lodge                                     
1881 Census Short Frank           Single         Age 47         Born 1834                                    Butler                        Born in Chichester. Burley Harriett      Single        Age 31          Born 1850                                    Cook                          Born in Maresfield. Winter Sarah         Single         Age 22         Born 1859                                    Housemaid                 Born in Rotherfield. 1891 Census Smith Ernest           Single          Age 19        Born 1872                                   Footman                    Born in Maresfield Earl Susan               Single          Age 40        Born 1851                                   Cook                          Born in Walworth. Simmons Mercey    Single           Age 17        Born 1874                                  Housemaid                 Born in Maresfield. Bishop Edith           Single           Age 23        Born 1868                                  Nurse                          Born in Buxted. 1901 Census Shepard Ida            Single            Age 27        Born 1874                                  Governess                   Born in Abingdon. Simmons Charity   Single            Age 20        Born 1881                                  Ladies Maid                Born in Hartfield. Hard Susan             Single            Age 19        Born 1882                                  Parlour Maid              Born in Burstow. Bedwell Gertrude   Single            Age 18        Born 1883                                  Cook                            Born in Fletching. Butchers Kate         Single            Age 15        Born 1886                                  Housemaid                  Born in Little                                                                                                                                                                        Horstead.