Captain William Noble J.P.F.R.A.S.
1861 Census
Forest Lodge, Cackle Street, Nutley.
   Name          Relation      Condition   Sex      Age       Occupation          Where Born 
Noble William Noble Emily C. Noble William Noble Clarence S Noble Neville J. Noble Elizabeth     1871 Census Forest Lodge Noble William Noble Emily C. Noble Neville J.
Head Wife Son Son Son Sister Head Wife Son
Married Married Unmarried Married Married
1829 1834 1856 1857 1858 1832 1829 1834 1858
    Justice of the Peace     Scholar     Fundholder
London India London Brighton Maresfield London London Ceylon Sussex
                                                                         Servants at Forest Lodge            1861 Appleby Isaac                  Unmarried    Age 28        Born 1833                Coachman             Born in Essex Sowling Elizabeth            Unmarried    Age 47        Born 1814                Housekeeper         Born in Westmorland Sowling Mary A.              Unmarried    Age 28        Born 1833                Housemaid            Born in Westmorland Muddle Harriot               Unmarried    Age 25        Born  1836               Cook                      Born in Buxted Teague Caroline               Unmarried    Age 16        Born  1845               Nurse Maid           Born in Uckfield            1871 Brown George                                         Age 30        Born 1841                Servant                 Born in Essex Haryett William                                      Age 18        Born 1853                      “                      Born in Surrey Appleby Sarah                                        Age 65        Born 1806                       “                      Born in Essex Appleby Emily                                        Age 30        Born 1841                       “                      Born in Essex Anscombe Fanny                                    Age 16        Born 1855                       “                      Born in Sussex