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In 1937 it became apparent that the income was not sufficient to meet the growing cost of administration, and a new Act was passed under which, the East Sussex County Council, the Uckfield Rural District Council, the Cuckfield Rural District Council and the East Grinstead Urban District Council supplemented the income of the Board by an annual precept on their rates. In 1949 a further Act was passed, under which the War Office, which had requisitioned the Forest throughout the late War was given certain restrictive rights subject to the conditions set out in the Act.  
Text transcribed from the 1952 Women’s Institute Scrapbook
1961          The formation of the Society of Friends of the Forest. 1974           The most recent Ashdown Forest Act. 1988            Purchase of the Forest from Earl De La Warr by East Sussex County Council. 1994            Purchase of sixty nine acres of woodland at Chelwood Vachery. 1996            Forest designated a Special Protection Area SPA, further conserving the bird life. 1996-1998   Phased fencing and re-introduction of grazing to 1300 acres on the south/west chases. 2001             Forest designated a Special Area of Conservation SAC to help conserve vulnerable                      habitats. 2001             Forest entirely closed for six weeks due to Foot and Mouth Disease precautions. 2006              August, HLS agreement signed.
Extracts from the Legislation and Government Policy Relevant to the Ashdown Forest.